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  1. So, I have a few GPUs that I suspect have a dead memory module. At least some nvidia diagnostic utility (MATS or MODS, whatever you want to call it) reports a gazillion read errors on just one particular OC on each card. The Windows error message is Core 43, which is kindof like "something is wrong somewhere". I figured it might be worth a shot to pay someone to try to fix these things. Swapping a memory IC isn't THAT complicated, I think? The cards seem OK otherwise. But, I don't know who I could ask. I'm located in Norway, and there are no advanced electronic repair shops around here that I can think of. Maybe there are some OK ones in Sweden, Denmark, Germany etc? Any advice? RMA is not an option, though - I got no receipts here.
  2. I just received a supposedly defective Rampage IV Extreme that seems to at least give a picture on the screen. The downside is that it came with no heatsinks whatsoever, so I'm looking for such things. Preferably the original cooler, but I'm not using it for anything that's very heavy on the motherboard itself, so using the waterblock passively might be enough.
  3. I was going through some old stuff, and found what I believe are a pair of old OC Panels for ASUS Rampage III Extreme. Are these still useful for anyone benchmarking old CPUs? I don't think I ever became friends with the X58 platform and didn't use them even once myself. In case someone knows something about them, what boards do they work with other than the R3E? Maybe R3BE? If it's unclear, it's the one on the left here I'm talking about.
  4. Technically, this is not about overclocking, but I figured I'd ask here anyway. I got a batch of dead GPUs. Some seem more dead than others, and I suspect that some of them have faulty VRAM. Once in a while I find cards that run less unstable when underclocking the memory, which is not important for my use anyway (Folding@Home). So, the question is, are there people out there who could modify RTX 20x0 BIOSes to run the VRAM, say, on half speed compared to stock? if I could get a couple of them to run reasonably well, I'd be very happy.
  5. Not sure if this REALLY belongs here, but anyway... I got a few artifacting Turing GPUs from a batch of "as is" cards I got for cheap, and I wonder how I can fix them. One thing I thought about was the possibility of disabling certain parts of the GPU by using a modded BIOS. is this something anyone in here has been messing around with? Or maybe I can send them to the manufacturer to have them look at it?
  6. I'm not really officially retired, just lost access to LN2, and need to get a few things sorted so I can get back to grinding some stuff again. I used to be a lazy student, now I work overtime almost every day, and keep getting involved in different projects that eat up most of my spare time.
  7. I might have a bunch of unused fullcover blocks for you. When I go where they're located, I'll send you a list with more details, if you're interested. Sadly, shipping from Norway is very expensive, but if I could ship from Hamburg whenever I go there, shipping costs will most likely be cut in half due to lower rates in Germany.
  8. Maybe this one, for Europeans? https://kartony24.eu/en_US/p/Postal-cardboard-box-315x255x45mm-50-pcs./588
  9. What about this? https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-14192BL/Retail-Boxes/Colored-Mailers-13-x-10-x-2-Black
  10. Very nice for US folks, I think 😛 072780 must be perfect for ATX mobos? Not sure what "roll side" means, tho.
  11. GPUs come in all sorts of dimensions, though. Probably harder to find something appropriate? I was thinking: just follow atx specs + a few mm for mobos, and you can order 3-4 different sizes and be good to go in almost all cases (4P servers excluded). I wonder if regular mobo boxes have some standard designation, like FEFCO standards or whatever.
  12. I remember back in the day, sometimes I would receive motherboards in brown cardboard boxes meant for mobos that came with no accessories, just the board itself (perhaps these boards were from ASUS?). Replacing the bigger, stock boxes would be helpful to save storage space - and also for labeling boxes more easily. But, where can one buy boxes like this?
  13. What sort of fluid would you use for "water" cooling in a siberian winter? Not anything common, I would assume. And aren't heat pipe based coolers bad when the internal fluid is too cold to evaporate?
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