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Challenges advert showing wrong records to beat


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When the popup for participating in the ongoing competitions appear, it show way wrong records to beat:




For example:


Intel CPU-Z lowest clock: 6798.8MHz? :D That hardly can be lowest, can it?


AMD CPU-Z lowest clock: 4899.73MHz? Nah, not lowest clock either...


...and the rest of the scores require some scrutiny too ;)

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I'm probably lost there :) I did not want, in lowest CPU clock battle, beat a guy with 6.7GHz CPU ;) And I'm pretty sure I submited lower clocks that these... in fact, I would be in deep trouble, if I should submit anything over 4GHz :D That is my point... Maybe it should show the lowest ATM reached score in the challenge, that would be IMHO logical. What it show now is completely beyond me... but if this is not a bug and everyone else understand, then forget it ... ;)


It just does not make slightest sense to me, but maybe I just misunderstnd something?

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