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egm_xt - Pentium 4 3.4 GHz Prescott @ 4425MHz - 25min 41sec 171ms SuperPi 32m


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I was surprised as I kept increasing the freq. and it just kept going. It is an SL8K4.

There is this comment in cpu world about it " I have this cpu bought as tray model ,it states on cpu 3.40ghz/1mb/800fsb, sl8k4 philippines , it is one of the latest made by intel for 478 socket with northwood characteristics but prescott capabilities , thats why it has g1 stepping & the motherboards need bios updates to accept it."

Actually thinking about the comment in cpu world that I have just read while searching in the web after I looked at the SL number, it does seem odd. Northwoods are 130nm and Prescotts are 90nm. CPU-Z identifies it as Prescott and 90nm. The fact is... it does clock very well (This was on ambient air - around 24C and the cpu got to about 52C using VERY high flow fan).

I had this CPU for a few years in another board. Putting it in the P4C800 made a big difference. :)

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