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  1. I can overclock now. Thanks again guys! On a side note, anyone know why I get post code 55 hang ups during reboots?
  2. Hey websmile, tried both settings, independent and together, still no improvement.
  3. I'm having an issue overclocking with the 0094 bios on my IX Apex and a 9600K. No matter what ratio I set in bios, above the stock 43 multi, it doesn't show in windows. I can down clock the cpu no problem but I can't even get 44 multi to work. And the settings stay saved in the bios but only shows stock clocks in windows. I might be a complete noob and missing something but I don't think so. Hopefully someone can help with this weird issue. Just wanted to add that the bios seems to work fine otherwise.
  4. A big congrats to team Madshrimps for the win and to all participants too! Some real killer results by many.
  5. Nice chip IVANOV! I can't compete with you guys, both of my FX55's are bugged at around -50.
  6. Just noticed, is that card balancing on marker caps?? Ballzy if it is lol.
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