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Change mainboard type MS-6340 to MSI K7TM Pro


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Long time ago I wanted this mainborard to be added:



I always mentioned that "it is not terribly clear, witch is the official name of this thing." So it was ended up with the MS-6340 as is the MSI label.


Later I wanted adding picture of the mobo there:


...and it was there for long time, before recently go missing. Please add it back ;)




However with recent Aida64 report, it become clear that the mainboard is in fact a MSI K7TM Pro:

"MSI K7M Pro (MS-6340M)/K7TM Pro (MS-6340)"


Google search for pictures of "MSI K7TM Pro" confim that:



Including logs of the Aida64, HWiNFO and CPU-Z.






Yes, it took me some time, but I believe that it is better later that never. The mobo have, however, unique feature and that is being able to run at FSB 34.5MHz:




...so it is kinda worth keeping, even the overclock is virtually nonexistant :rolleyes:

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