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Bullant - GeForce GTX 580 @ 1473/1166MHz - 186061 marks 3DMark2001 SE

Behzad Tak

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Guest Bullant

Thanks guys,no ocp mods dan ,this session I must of had a really good mount with CPU,was 6.2ghz max last session but this session was the above 6.46 @-180 1.84v and it was still scalling.Tried quickly 1.85v 6.5ghz and it nearly pasted first test,I did all my volts setting the same as other sessions only difference can be the mount,it even went from -170 cb to me easy going -180,all I can say is must be mount.Need to test xtu again later

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Guest Bullant
Keep pushing bro...Is it all ok??? League, screenshot??




Ill keep trying thanks mate,yep zeropluszero report me 3 subs cause ES cpu and extreme league,I had already moved to Elite so was waste of time,oh well all subs good and I worked hard on this sub,think I try bigger GPU soon



Edit I also work very hard on 32M cold memorys when you pushing limit,more busy with this 3d 01 bench but pushing memory to their limit can be very frustrating but rewarding

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