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OCZ PC2-9200 FLEX II Series memory ...

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I have just tried to boot with my new QX9770 and DFI LT X48 board and this memory. No boot into BIOS with the stock voltages ... I have tried upping the NB and DRAM voltages, but still a no-go ... any ideas?


I have posted over DFI-Club and will do so at OCZ, but just wanted to see if there is anyone here who has used this memory or has heard of a trick to get this RAM to post in a Intel X48 board ...

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maybe bios :P but yours seem updated :P but maybe even updated doesnt support that processor :P what bout your power supply unit? am i blind or dont see in your signature what PSU are u using it may be too weak ;)



from what i see your mobo supports ddr2 667/800 and no such fast mems as ocz pc-9200

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Just thought I would update this post ... I received my new memory from the 'Egg and all is well. It was some bad memory. I am now cruising along at 4.2GHz with my new QX9770 and FLEX ll PC2 9200 (5-5-5-15@820MHz). Now if I could just overclock this video card ...

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