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[US] 980 Classified + EK Waterblock


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Looking to get $425 shipped, I also have a waterblock for it if you're interested I can include that for $80 extra and an extra 10 or so dollars for shipping.

It will come with original box as well as a backplate (normally doesn't come with backplate if I remember right)



The card overclocks well on water, decent on air too, 8712 mem on stock cooler is no big deal for benchmarking at all, around 8400 to 8600 should be easy for 24/7 gaming no problem. The core should do 1580 on air for benching, game stable should be around 1550-1560, maybe a tad higher. Never tested much on air because I bought it with a waterblock.


Card is capable of 1620 on water at stock volts, adding voltage didn't seem to have much of an effect on ambient cooling, this seems to be a flaw of Maxwell that many people have experienced. Stock voltage for the GPU is 1.23v under load, measured with a digital multimeter.


Memory has gone as high as 9312 effective in a firestrike run with added memory voltage, stock memory volts are 1.63v roughly and it does 8712-8760 or so mhz effective at that stock voltage.


Card really responds well to being kept cold, if you can get load temps really low it will treat you well just like it did for me!







Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, I will do my best to help / answer any questions you may have.

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