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4 core 3.8 to 4GHz for quiet gaming CPU


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I wonder, what CPU would you, fellow overclockers, recommend. I would be inclined to think, that a 22nm i7-4790K might be with 88W TDP a good idea... but since I did not need the HyperThreading (4 cores, 8 threads) and the IGP, then I wonder, if I can get lower TDP CPU with similar CPU power, capable or running at 4GHz w/o too much voltage?


Less voltage = lesser TDP = quietier operation.


Could someone suggest (or even offer?) a CPU, that I can cool at low RPM on CPU fan (say 750 to 1000 RPM), witch means that it will be quiet?


I mean to use either Noctua NH-C14S (this cool well the CPU VRMs!) or the Phanteks PH-TC14PE (with one fan between all the massive heatsinks) ... but in the later case I worry a bit about the CPU VRMs.



...but on the other hand, good news is, that the CPU could be a terrible overclocker with wall at 4.1GHz - all I care is the lowest TDP up to 4GHz. Maybe I can cool only 3.8GHz quietly, so... if the voltage is seriously low, then a 3.8GHz is enought ;)

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