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[FS] Great Intel i7 5960X (X2)


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For Sale here 2 piece 5960X retail . (Batch BOX, but sold without boxes .., only the cpu " like an OEM ")

Tested on Cinebench R15 , 10 minutes !


R15 Cinebench (with mx-4 TIM) with H20 at 18°C


CPU n°1 -->4.5G-> 1.11v // H20 1100 Euros Out

CPU n°2 -->4.5G-> 1.11v // H20 1100 Euros Out


LN2 : Not tested !


I can send you the batch only by Pm !

If u are any questions, i am here ;)


Make me an offer if u want !


Paypal or bank transfert ;)



Shipped Worldwide : 25Euros

Europe : 15 Euros

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