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Asus Ares III = [2x290X(295X2)]


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Hi guys.

I decided to sell my Asus Ares 3 card.

It is 2x290X in crossfire on one pcb, so basically 295X2, with a custom pcb + oem EK waterblock.

There is only 500 of these cards in the whole world, so it's very exclusive.

My card is 465/500.

More info: https://www.asus.com/uk/Graphics-Cards/ROG_ARESIII8GD5/overview/


This card is going strong and cutting through games with ease... The card is still in my system, 100% working.

Gaming OC I'm using, 1200/1700MHz easy with custom bios with improved memory timings.

(I can put stock bios there without any problems).

The paste and pads have been changed to get the best of the card and to reduce the temperature to minimum(CLpro paste + fujipoly 14w/mk pads).

Max temps for cores 50C and 43C with 26C water. VRMs are max ~65C. That's after 2 runs of Valley with 1200/1700MHz.


It comes with the original accessories=box, briefcase, fittings, plugs, usb, cables, paperwork.....



800£ + shipping(30£).


Selling in the United Kingdom(UK) only.

Will be send by Royal Mail Special Delivery 1PM, up to 1000£ insurance.

Private sale, no returns, no warranty(from me).

Payment via Bank Transfer or Paypal, buyer either covers fees or sends via friends&family.

PM me if interested.



Some results(check graphics score as I only have 4790k not 5960X).


FS X: nonOC/oc



FS oc:



FS U oc:











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