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  1. fat4l

    FS: 12900KS WR CPU

    really good, but can we know the SP please ? Some ppl asked me to ask as well as they can't post
  2. fat4l

    FS: 12900KS WR CPU

    In the name of science .. any idea what's the SP?
  3. Thank you for #5, 12900KS, really good chip:) A+ seller
  4. fat4l


    SP breakdown?
  5. I sold Ares 3 several years ago for like 600£
  6. Oh my god. Them prices are really good! I own 2666 CL10 corsair dom plats 4x4GB, but wanted to play with these 2400CL9 mems 2600c10 is no good to me. What a shame.
  7. Can you tell me what the selling prices for 1 and 3 was ? I'm sad I missed those kits, but still interested to know the price. thanks
  8. ok close now, no longer interested. thanks
  9. Hi everyone! My friend is looking to buy this model of the cpu. Let it be at least an average CPU in terms of OC. Non delided - doing at least 4.8G <1.35v stable(4 hours of Realbench** at least) on air/aio Delided - doing at least 4.9G <1.35v stable(4 hours of Realbench** at least) on air/aio **Realbench or alternative such as Prime95 26.6 EU, preferably UK(United Kingdom). I can link my ebay acc to see my 100% feedback. On ebay they go for ~220£ cheapest. Thanks!
  10. Can you show some pics of LD running and whats the lowest temps it is getting pls ? Postage to Coventry, uk ? thanks
  11. can confirm it works on FE, but doesnt rly bring the performance over stock bios even with higher clocks than stock bios
  12. Does it work on FE 1080? I see some ppl are flashing strix OC bios to FE and getting massive clocks + volts. Does it really work? Do you really get more perforamance out of the chip or is it just "visual" and 2300MHz rly gets you 2100MHz perfrmance?
  13. Ah yeah now you reminded me thanks. We however need more info about this V2 version..
  14. Hi and thank you for the answer. Sorry for the dumb question but...I saw this "hotwire" thingy going on, but what's that exactly ? What it does ?
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