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evga gtx460 se voltage help


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I got a pair of evga gtx460 se cards and I am having some trouble unlocking the voltage. Pretty sure that fermi bios editor is not going to be available to the public if I am wrong let me know.


I unlocked the voltage ushing nibitor 5.9 and nvflash and it worked just fine I can now raise the vcore up to 1.215 using nvidia inspector opposed to the default 1.075. The only problem is that after I flashed the bios to the new one I cannot pass futuremarks system info scan so I cant run any benches. When I used nibitor to edit the bios it came up as an unsupported bios so I had to edit it by switching the device id to evga 460 1gb and then rescanned the bios, after that I could use the fermi voltage adjustment to unlock the voltage. After that I switched the device id back to the unsupported bios and then flashed. That is the only way I could get an edited bios to stick. I just wanna get these cards ready to freeze. Any input would be great.


Thanks ReggieSanchez

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