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[FS] Dual-vga pack (4870x2,5970,gtx295+wbb)!


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I am selling another vga pack consisting of dual-gpu cards.All cards are in working and checked condition before sale,no reballing or other interference.


1. 2 3870x2 Asus top,bios modded for 1.5 VGPU,clock on stock cooler 950+

2. 4870x2 with all mods for both gpu's and memory ,has a cap that fell off and i soldered back manually and primitive,works excellent and good clocker,does 890 vantage,2006 at 1.40V(max on water) With waterblock included.

3.Gtx295 + Waterblock Sandwish,working 100% no idea of clocking so far only tested for work and i have something better on the way.Also sold with a half of GTX295 fully working!

4. 5970 with waterblock included,nickel backplate also,bios modded for 1.45 vgpu,quickly tested for 1040 2003,2005 i already have a slight better one,reason i sell,very GOOD RAM,1350 possible.

5.Bonus 8600GT by gainward,ram clocks 1100+


Price for all this shipped in Europe is 450E ,as i said cards are 100% working and in good shape,no repairs,NOT used for minning,good cards for hardware points.


You get what is in the picture carefully packed.



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