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VIA K8T890, cpu performance problem?


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Short story, I bought a Epox EP-8HEAI rocking the VIA VIA K8T890 chipset (http://hwbot.org/hardware/motherboard/ep-8heai/) as that was the one choise I could find to buy that gave access to PCIe with socket 754.

Im runing the card with a 512MB stick of BH5 memory and a 3200+ Venice and it boots just fine.

The problem is that I get horrible performance out of it and its not just a few % worse then a NF3/NF4 motherboard. With stock clock (2200MHz) do I get around ~40sec in SuperPi 1M with my Lanparty NF3 250g but 1min 35sec with the Epox card. I also take a huge performance hit in 3dmark05 due to low CPU performance.


Its runing on a clean OS with only GPU drivers (7.12 omega), the chipset drivers (Via_4in1), Rivatuner, 3dmark05 and GPUz/CPUz installed.


There must be something obvious that I miss becouse @heifiach got atleast decent performance out of the board according to the HWbot subs. So any tips on what could be wrong?

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