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  1. ROUND 5 - Socket 754 (2003) (No adapters allowed) That part made me really really interested in what kind of adapter Ive missed out on so far?
  2. Think it looks pretty good but one thing Id love to see changed would be to change socket 423 to 478 Willamette as we have used 423 a few times last years but never seen 478 Willamette in a competition
  3. In my example it meens that you need to run the benchmarks with any AMD and Intel system that supports AGP. I think we all know it means an Radeon HD3850 with the Asrock AM2nf3-vsta and 4coredual-vsta motherboards but it will be fun to finally see whats the best choice for us AGP overclockers.
  4. I promised my idea for the stages last weekend but real life hits hard sometime.. Anyways here it is somewhat inspired from @TASOS but with my view on how to limit it based on CPU family instead of using bunnyextractionty motherboards so we can still get good scores out of the runs, but on somewhat forgotten hardware. It’s also limited to 3 stages per round if it collides with other competitions. This is hardware I’ve never seen used in a competition so should be an even race for everyone. Pentium II + Riva TNT superpi 1M wprime 32M 3dmark01 Socket A Duron (spitfire) + geforce2 MX HWBOT Prime Cinebench 2003 Aquamark Pentium 4 (Willamette) + Radeon 8500 superpi 1M GPUPI for CPU - 100M 3dmark03 Socket 604 SuperPi - 32M wPrime - 1024m GPUPI for CPU - 100M Fastest AGP (on single cpu socket only) (I liked this one) a) on Intel cpu systems Stage 1 = 3DMark03 Stage 2 = 3DMark Cloud Gate b) on AMD cpu systems Stage 3 = 3DMark03 Stage 4 = 3DMark Cloud Gate Im absolutly open for discussing the choise of what benchmarks to use as this is just a crude draft but this is my suggestion on hardware to use. Maybe change 604 to something more accessible but I think it looks like a fun socket that Ive always wanted to take a bite of.
  5. Sounds great with a new round of OSIBS, as discussed in the other thread Id say we take it a tad chill with requiring to special hardware. I would say @TASOS is on the right way but removing all the decent motherboards just feels wrong to me, a beter approach would be to choise some other core than the go to that everyone got binned already as CPUs are much easier to buy than new motherboards. This year was: Slot1 socket 462 Socket 478 Socket 939 Socket 771 For this year Ill check into it more this weekend but Id love a round of Pentium2 atleast. More to come
  6. Reading that part about the R2 wallpaper, I finaly found the R2 marker, damn its well hidden and I must have blocked it in every screenshoot I used in round2.. Atleast I know where it is for round 3 now..
  7. Well, other then high fsb = worse coldbug there aint much to do about it as far as I know. Thats why I had to run with 15x multi on my FX-60 even if it hurt memory performance alot. Thinking about it after the runs I should have gone with higher fsb and lower clock for 3dmark ice storm. But I got kind of stressed from knowing that I was runing out of dice after to much time in realbench so I only had time for a few runs 3dmark.
  8. Is it still going to be Matrox card of choise in round3? Cant access the competition site and got an (to expensive) auction ending this evening.
  9. Thanks for a fun competition with some of my favorite hardware! ohh, and great show from @Stelaras in the end, picking up 75 points! ps, can we please never have realbench (and 3dmark ice storm) for retro hardware again
  10. Wow, thats some amazing clock on AM2, wonder if its a good mem controller in the CPU or the motherboard thats makes the differense?
  11. Do we need a screenshoot as well as the cpuz validation for cpu and ddr2 frequency or does normal frequency rules apply here?
  12. Try with a different version of GPUz, 1.16 worked for me this time, but I have had problems with old nvidia GPUs before and 0.82 is the last version that "always" works even on old cards with all drivers I have tested.
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