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Why I see lots of completely ludicrous and impossible scores?

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I am a newbie, so maybe I am completely wrong.


But I am seeing lots of non-sense scores all over the place.


For example the XTU first place is a guy with 39 thousand gigahertz... but all his other submissions are 4.6ghz.


I noticed there is a motherboard benchmark, at first I assumed it was about CPU speed, since the first place is 4.8ghz, but then the explanation says to me look at the RAM speed?


Then I look into it, and seemly it is about the base speed the RAM multiplies from... and that is supposed to be from 100 to 200mhz or something. How someone scored 4.8ghz???

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Guest TheMadDutchDude

There's a bug with XTU that is currently being worked to fix the problem as far as I am aware. We know of the bug, and we know how to replicate it. :)


Would you care to link to the sub? Has it been blocked or is it still getting points?

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The particular score there I still had a link to it, and indeed it had points disabled by the submitter.


I can't figure what page I went to see that score though (It was a list of highest and lowest scores, the lowest had negative ones too).


The "lowest" earned points with negative ghz




The XTU "reference clock" record, that now I know what it is, and know is wrong, got "zero" points, because it didn't win anything, implying that if it had won, it would be scored.





Not XTU, some guy won some points by scoring 4.8ghz on "motherboard reference clock" benchmark.





Not XTU, but the SSD benchmark records decided that a single submission in the 7x-RAID-0 "won" in all categories at the same time.



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