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ADVenturePO - 2x Xeon E5 2690 v4 @ 3635.7MHz - 4522 cb Cinebench - R15


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Want to build a workstation around two 2690 V4 processors.

Did search for reliable Cinebench15 scores for this processor and there are none.

Luckily, yesterday yours showed up.

Have you also run the bench at standard settings (no overclock?)

If yes, what's the consistent score you're getting?

It should help me decide between the 2690 V4 and the 2697 V4, which costs a lot more, but interested if the performance gain would be worth it.

Can you also tell me more details regarding your build? What case do you use? What are the temps for non-overclocked benchmark? What's the power draw of the system? What coolers do you use? What speed run the cores at when utilized at the same time? And much more..


Best regards!

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Hello. I have a company and I'm building these machines.

On the screen capture you can find the lowest score for this CPU and this is non oc benchmark result.

I've used Ethoo Pro for this build... But it turned out to be too small for standard Fan mounting on small dual tower cooler. I'm almost always building with Fractal Design Define XL R2 which is very big but has enough space for every cooling. This time it was my client's ask to fit it in smaller case. Temperatures are about 25—27*C with delta 0 to room temperature at 680 RPM on all 4 fans of those two coolers.

Coolers are SilentiumPC Grandis V2 which are designed for 250W TDP. Max Temps are about 52*C for non oc full load state.

I wrote from phone. I'll post a picture later. Have a nice evening.


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OK thanks for that.

Been also looking at the Fractal, but finally it will be Supermicro.

As well as the board. Did you build dual Xeon V4 around Supermicro boards?

As I see in your pictures, memory runs in dual channel on the Asus, since you've only got 4 sticks of ram.

Would the board overclock as well with 8 sticks, using quad channel?

Did the 103,9 BCKL require much effort tweaking?


Many thanks again.


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