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Question on overclock ram


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hi all,

im new to overclocking

and first i want to overclock my ram at this moment

anyone have any suggestion for me?

i bought my ram like jan 2007

its a DDR2 240pin 2X1GB of PC4200 dual channel speed at 533mhz CORSAIR

using on a E6300 core-2-duo 1.86ghz@1066FSB ECS P4M800-Pro

and when i go to the BIOS manual->advance setup

the ram switch to manual there are many abrev. where i have no idea where to start changing

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anyways if u want to overclock only ram u should do it by changing fsb:ram divider

either it is ratio and u should go step by step in direction of 0 or by choosing ram frequency and step by step higher and at a given limit when no further step is stable loosening timings ;)


all depends what settings u can change on your motherboards bios :P


for example i dunno what stuff u have but if u had cpu with fsb 200 mhz and ram currently on 266 mhz u have ratio fsb:ram 3:4 so if your mobo offers u u can change ratio to something smaller like 3:5 1:2 --->0 closing to 0 ;) but u have to do it slowly ;) by small steps ;) and if your motherboard doesnt allow changing ratios u can set 400mhz instead of 266mhz for your ram but i guess if u do that your mobo wont stand up without changing timings :P but as i said all depends on your bios settings and your ram capabilities

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hi all,

im new to overclocking

and first i want to overclock my ram at this moment

anyone have any suggestion for me?


Coming in to a place with 11000 overclockers you may say "WOW this is the place to learn how to overclock".


Unfortunately this is not true,probably no one in here will have the time to help you.


Go in to a technical forum (like xtremesystems,ocforums e.t.c.)or any forum you like,put down your system specks place your questions there and you will find a lot of help.


Also there are a lot of guides in these forums to help you overclock.


My opinion...first find out what FSB your mobo can do (not for any other reason but get used to Bios settings and feel comfortable when you change settings),then find out what your CPU can do and at last what your Ram can do.


Then you can overclock all these together and get the best out of it.




Edit:By the time finished this post all had change in hwbot forums,i need to reserve a ticket to post in there now?:(


If my opinion counts to anything......this is the end for hwbot forums.


See ya.

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