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  1. On the field "file name" type something like... "aquamark.hwbot" or what ever you like and click save. Then you can upload this file to hwbot when you submit the result. On the field "save as" it doesn't allow you to write anything. stealth
  2. I manage to run it under Win 7 x64, Vista x86, XP SP2 and XP SP3 x86. In Win 7 and Vista all i needed was the patch. Under Win XP SP2 you need to install Windows Installer 3.1, then Windows Imaging Component and at last .Net framework 4.0 to make it run, under Win XP SP3 you need only .Net Framework 4.0 When i tried to run the bench under XP i got the error message "please apply x64 patch" although i run Win XP 32bit. Installed the patch but with the newer version of direcpll.dll, after that the aquamark ran fine. Performance sucks under Win 7 and Vista, 20k less in Win 7 and 10k less in Vista. stealth
  3. Sorry but i don't get it... when i press "save result" a new window opens, at the bottom there are two fields i need to fill. The first one asks me for a "file name" and the second for "save as". What do i need to put on these two fields? stealth
  4. That did the trick, changed the direcpll.dll with the latest version and the bench works with the wrapper under win 7 X64. Thanks S_A_V. One more question... usually when we bench we are not connected to the net, if i want to save a file to submit later what exactly i need to do? As what file i need to save it? Thanks a lot. stealth
  5. It seems the problem caused by the patch, uninstall and install aquamark again and running just fine without the wrapper. Trying to upload an attachment... stealth
  6. Ok the patch works for me but i have another problem, right after the bench finish the screen gets black, i can't see a result and there is not a way to go to desktop. I have to reset the system. Win 7 X64. stealth
  7. I get the same error under win 7 X64. Does this patch works in win 7 also? stealth
  8. Just call "sofo1990" to wish you the CPU to break 6.0GHz barrier and it will be dead in a few hours. stealth
  9. Hi:) Guys i have a problem, tried yesterday to run these old benchmarks but... my set-up... Rampage Extreme E8500 under SS Geforce 8800GTS (G92) Cellshock 1800MHz D9GTR I did a fresh windows install first, intalled drivers and push the CPU to 4.7GHz (VGA at defaults) to do some tests. Tried 3D Mark 99 ╬ťax first, when i try to start the bench i get a blue screen (see link), http://www.hwbox.gr/attachments/intel-boards/4906d1288342809-classified-e762-phoenix-award-bios-settings-dscn1818.jpg , next tried 3D Mark 2000 and 3D Mark 01 with the same results, then i revert everything to defaults but... blue screen again. Tried different version VGA drivers (169.21, 175.16 e.t.c.) but every time i try to run any of these old benches i get a blue screen no matter if the system it's clocked or not. While the machine doesn't run any of these old benches, not even at default settings, at the same time it runs sucessfully 3DMark 03 and 3DMark 06 at 4.75GHz with the VGA clock it to 800/1200 (see link). http://www.hwbox.gr/attachments/intel-boards/4907d1288342862-classified-e762-phoenix-award-bios-settings-xoris-titlo.jpg Has anyone seen something like this before? What can cause the problem and how to fix it? Thanks a lot. stealth
  10. I've seen you already got it, where from can i get pro version? stealth
  11. Hi:) Why can't i disable these tests? It tells me that i need to get the pro version. Thanks. stealth
  12. Not a good idea... It will be very disappointing if they let us down, we still run those benches with every new CPU and new VGA we get and we need ORB to submit our results, that is why we bought the pro version. We need to do something about it, we need to push things to find a solution and keep the old ORB active next to the new one. stealth
  13. Lets say this can be arranged... Some second thoughts... i understand the difficulties hwbot faces but how good is for the community to make hwbot a club you need to pay to get in? Also think about this... we pay for the hardware, we spend so much time to run the hardware and get the best we can out of it, then we upload the results in here... telling everybody what these products are capable for. Should we pay for promoting and advertising their products is well? stealth
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