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Skylake+Gigabyte BCLK OC on - looping reboot

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I have Motherboard GA-Z170-D3H and trying to OC i5 6400 with bclk. And i have some troubles.

PSU Cougar PowerX 550w, memory Kingston 2133 cl15 (green, cheap)

Using bios F5c


BCLK 167, vcore 1,37, vccio 1,250, vccsa 1,250, dram volt 1,360, mem ~2250mhz 15-15-15-36 timings, CPU Load Line Calibration - high




And i have troubles of booting my computer after turning off in windows. When i do so, i see looping reboot.

I still can normally reboot, can normally boot if remove power cable for a while.

Actually, i need that high vccio/vccsa to boot "cold". Without it it can't boot at all.


That boot problem is very annoying.


It occurs when i try to set bclk more than 155+

On 150 i can set everything auto, and it goes perfectly stable, always boots normally.


Tryed to remove EIST and all power saving. Disable internal video. Tryed set PLL overvoltage (actually, lost stability when upped it >45. same on +150 and +200 mV)

Tryed to change PSU (used before DeepCool da550, same behavior)

Tryed to set fclk on 1000/800/400, always same effect


What i'm doing wrong? (i know, i choose wrong mobo, hehe)

How to fix that?




Have some screens of my bios settings

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot


cpu-z screen Screenshot by Lightshot

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Good afternoon.

I have a motherboard GA-z170-HD3-DDR3 with bios f5c

With overclock non-K i5-6400 i have 27x162mhz=4374MHz. Vcore=1.21V.

All stable and cold(50 degrees Celsius with max load CPU)


My settings:

=Core i5-6400= 4374MHz

CPU Base Clock — 162Mhz

CPU Clock Ratio — 27

System Memory Multiplier 10.66

CPU Clock Ratio — 27

Uncore Ratio — 27

CPU Vcore — 1.21V

Intel Turbo Boost — Disabled

CPU Enhanced Halt (C1E) — Disabled

C3/C6/C7/C8 State Support — all to Disabled

CPU EIST Function — Disabled

Fast Boot — Disabled

Windows 8/10 Features — Windows 8/10

VT-d — Disabled

Internal Graphics — Disabled




But there is a bad moment, cold start the computer does not start with 1 times.

It helps: enter the bios & save and exit.

Maybe tell me how to solve this issue.


My ram Crucial CT102464BA160B x 2pts = 16gb

Work on "System Memory Multiplier 10.66" = 1726MHZ perfect.

I try set multiplier to 8 =1300MHZ - no changes.

Try set Vcore up to 1.4V (1.25,1.3,1,325,etc) - no changes.


!!! Please HELP !!!

Reboot from windows - no problem.



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