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Gigabyte BCLK OC - looping reboot on cold start


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I have troubles with OCing i5 6400 on GA-Z170-D3H, bios F5b, changed to F5c recently.


And i have troubles of booting my computer after turning off in windows. When i do so, on next start i see looping reboot.

I still can normally reboot, can normally boot if remove power cable for a while.

Actually, i need that high vccio/vccsa to boot "cold". Without it it can't boot at all.


That boot problem is very annoying.


It occurs when i try to set bclk more than 155+

On 150 i can set everything auto, and it goes perfectly stable, always boots normally.

When i start windows with 4,5 ghz (167 bclk, 1.38 vcore) i can run tests, play games.


Look screenshots of my settings:

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

Screenshot by Lightshot

and cpu z Screenshot by Lightshot




What i'm doing wrong? How to fix that?





PSU Cougar PowerX 550w, RAM Kingston KVR 2133 mhz, green, Windows 10 Enterprise

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Did you have the same trouble before with F5b? Did you try to flash back to F5b after those problems occured?


Yes, i was having same problems from beginning with F5b.

I saw in some videos people installed F5c when it was available in giga site, and tried too.

Problem was same. But also i found more usefull RAM multiplicator settings, so decided to stay on F5c

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Any thoughts about my issue?


Maybe i should set some special voltage option to make it go propeerly?



The computer does not start when the motherboard capacitors have some residual current. That include all cases of swiching off, sleep mode, hibernation.

To boot successfully, I need to disconnect the power cord and press the Power button multiple times ti drain current from the capacitors.

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