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  1. always open to stuff like that I personally like this idea
  2. Good intensions. That's just complete bs. Several posts above you I said So either you didn't even read the entire thread or you just wanted to post your accusations and conspiracy nonsense here anyway. And now you're playing the victim that I'm having a go at you Yea that all makes sense man. Good work Again: "we can see how this goes and what you guys want"
  3. You come up with conspiracy theories and then expect respect? You did nothing to earn my respect here. We had a very good discussion last night on discord and all of that was far more mature than what you just dumped in here
  4. It's absolutely pathetic to read something like this from you. Why would I care about what ASUS does? Use your brain next time before posting. That said it also seems like you didnt even read what I posted above that I will see how this evolves right here. Also funny that all I did so far and even for launch of 11900K was in cooperation with Gigabyte and nothing with asus.
  5. Okay so we had some interesting discussions especially on discord and we can see how this goes and what you guys want. Will give it some more time
  6. Also to make it more clear: New submissions with old hardware: Old rules! You can still do single cores New submissions with latest gen (still have to decide if we already start with 11th gen): New rule: All Cores + HT This way pretty much nobody is affected. No old submission, no global ranking. No need to get mad
  7. The good thing is that we don't need a poll to decide this. I already talked to Albrecht last week to tell him we will not allow CPU-Z submissions anymore with disabled cores. We are currently thinking of when exactly we are going to enforce this rule. If already starting from this Gen or next one. You can give opinion on this if you want. But for the future Only full cores + HT will be accepted. Everything else is just nonsense on a technical level.
  8. The Patreon page is now live: https://www.patreon.com/hwbot If you have questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your support!
  9. Just in case it was not clear: It is not my intention to leak all the tweaks. It's just a rule to make moderation easier for the crew. If you want to publish your tweaks that's still up to you as usual. HWBOT Staff will never leak your information without permission.
  10. Hey there I hope everyone is doing good so far and you had a decent start into 2021. As you've probably seen there is some movement right now with our coder understanding more and more how things work on the bot. Albrecht is in good contact with him and I'm sure we're getting there. Right now our priority is still to fix stuff which is not working and work on the most important updates. There are few things I want to address quickly: Benchmark Updates: Albrecht created a power point for us to see what kind of changes the community wants to see regarding benchmarks. Personal
  11. Yea because we didn't have server access
  12. If I personally had the skill to work on this it would be different already but I simply don't. We hired a coder who has been trying the last weeks and months to work himself into what we have here. It's not easy but we're getting there. I can absolutely understand everyones frustration but I can promise you that I'm trying everything to make sure HWBOT 2021 will be much better than the previous years.
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