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  1. I have a 2990X (AMD Sample) which was then sold as 2990WX later. 600 € and bank transfer only if you are interested
  2. In the end every software can be fooled. I'm pretty sure mat is the only guy in here who can do it So personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  3. Der8auer,


    Was wondering how you unlocked Non-K Z170 overclocking on MSI boards? I've been trying to help someone online prepare a newer bios release version than the one on the Overclocking guide list but every bios I've made him just does not go over 105fsb with a i3 6100. I have so far tried to change the overclocking lock register inside the setup program, and copied settings from the 11.0.2 ME on to a newer 11.6.29 ME version using FIT tool and non of that works. I personally do not own that cpu but I would love as a student of the modding arts to know how its done.


    Please share how you did it??


    Thank you

  4. cmon you disabled 17 cores and HT and only 36 MHz more? that's pretty disappointing
  5. My account has been more than three months, still can not access the sales section, please give me activation account

  6. Great find man. Both benches have to be removed/disabled points. There is no other way in my eyes.
  7. CPU-Z is often too slow for me but I can see it in the power draw and especially monitoring VRM temperature in HWINFO. Sudden drops are a good indicator
  8. The CPU can run 5 GHz on Apex with H100. So if it can only run 4.5 or 4.6 on a different board it's for sure not the chip or cooler The CPU is delidded with liquid metal
  9. Awesome That's great to know. I wanted to test that but didn't have time for it. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hi, I see there is no captain for the Tom's Hardware Team since... a long time. Is there any possibility taking this seat ?

    I'm here since some years (and I work for Tom's Hardware France as redactor, but shhh, dont say it too loud !)


    Thanks !

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