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  1. No, I bought it to increase my personal points by +10.000 without having to bench
  2. We talked about a Patreon for HWBOT but didn't come to a final conclusion yet. If more people are open to this it would definitely be an option.
  3. Hey there First of all I hope everybody out there is healty and safe during this difficult time we have all over the world! I read some strange rumours in some forums out there and received messages about the future of HWBOT. I'm wondering where some of this stuff comes from so I want to clarify things. I don't have to tell you that HWBOT is the niche inside the niche and therefore possible income and cooperations are difficult. In times where YouTube is such an easy marketing tool for companies and the reach is much higher than any website banners, websites such as HWBOT have a difficult time. The hosting costs of HWBOT with about 800-1000 EUR per month are exceeding the income from few competitions by far. After several years and I don't know how many thousand hours of work, Frederik had to make a cut to protect his own IT company. Offers were made to different companies such as ASUS or G.Skill but when I saw that I was worried about this plattform. This plattform turned me into who I am today and allowed me to do things I would've never imagined 10 or 15 years ago. So many awesome experiences of my life were linked to HWBOT. Starting from the first moments of extreme overclocking and the thrill of breaking records to events in Taiwan such as MOA or AOOC in Moscow. Once I heard about that this plattform might go in hands of the hardware industry I was worried about how it would turn out. Imagine how this website would look like if a mainboard vendor would own it? That's why I had a discussion with Eike (my business partner at Thermal Grizzly) to aquire HWBOT. We both are totally aware that we might never see the money back we "invested" in HWBOT which is absolutely fine and not our goal. Eike and me are luckily in a position where we can afford to keep HWBOT the way it is (yea yea and fix some bugs) without worrying about the money. We will try to do some cooperations such as the well known G.Skill competition to cover some of the hosting costs but that's it. HWBOT will be a completely independent company (HWBOT GmbH) and in no way linked to Thermal Grizzly. Honestly if we want exposure I can just book another video at Linus Tech Tips on YouTube and reach 1 Mio views in one week. As much as I love this website for the geeky place it is but marketing wise we have different strategies. The current state is that we applied for the company registration papers in Germany to start the HWBOT GmbH. However, due to Corona I have no idea when we can finish the company papers and when HWBOT will be fully transfered to us. Currently we have a kind of "hybrid mode" where we cover all running costs to keep HWBOT alive but Frederik still has full access. Only once we have the HWBOT GmbH (Ltd) registered and all data is transfered we will fully take over. You should not notice a difference when this happens. Things we will do: Keep the page almost (for changes see down below) the way it is Try to pay the core stuff or at least give compensation for hardware/LN2 (details will be discussed) Cooperation with Benchmate. It looks like a great software to us and makes it easy to validate scores. If it improves things we don't see why we should not cooperate with mat. I already spent few hours with him on the phone to discuss how we can make it as smooth as possible. We have the same opinion and goals and will try to find the best solution for the community HWBOT will stay free to use We have a coder who also did some stuff for Thermal Grizzly previously and he will spend about 1-2 working days per week on improving HWBOT. We plan to fix bugs which occur and improve some functions (admin panel for moderation for example) There are few things I want to change such as going back to reward all submissions with points so newcomers have more motivation. We might also change to a scheduled recalculation every 6-12h instead of instant recalculations to further reduce server load and costs. Otherwise we don't plan to have major changes. We just want to keep this website alive because it can really be an awesome place. If you have any concerns, ideas or whatever don't hesitat to ask or post. But I will ask you to act like adults. I'm not sure how Massman could deal with the insults of some over the years.... Thanks and stay safe! Roman
  4. I have a 2990X (AMD Sample) which was then sold as 2990WX later. 600 € and bank transfer only if you are interested
  5. In the end every software can be fooled. I'm pretty sure mat is the only guy in here who can do it So personally I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  6. Der8auer,


    Was wondering how you unlocked Non-K Z170 overclocking on MSI boards? I've been trying to help someone online prepare a newer bios release version than the one on the Overclocking guide list but every bios I've made him just does not go over 105fsb with a i3 6100. I have so far tried to change the overclocking lock register inside the setup program, and copied settings from the 11.0.2 ME on to a newer 11.6.29 ME version using FIT tool and non of that works. I personally do not own that cpu but I would love as a student of the modding arts to know how its done.


    Please share how you did it??


    Thank you

  7. cmon you disabled 17 cores and HT and only 36 MHz more? that's pretty disappointing
  8. My account has been more than three months, still can not access the sales section, please give me activation account

  9. Great find man. Both benches have to be removed/disabled points. There is no other way in my eyes.
  10. CPU-Z is often too slow for me but I can see it in the power draw and especially monitoring VRM temperature in HWINFO. Sudden drops are a good indicator
  11. The CPU can run 5 GHz on Apex with H100. So if it can only run 4.5 or 4.6 on a different board it's for sure not the chip or cooler The CPU is delidded with liquid metal
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