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ADVenturePO - 2x Xeon E5 2670 @ 3299.2MHz - 3299.23 mhz CPU Frequency


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Hello, AdventurePO! I have bought the CPUs and mobo you have, along with the RAM..... The twins will be watercooled, so I can potentially overclock it.... Is there any possible way you can tell me how to safely overclock these two within a stable limit? I appreciate it if you can reply back!

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Hello, please be aware that this motherboard doesn't have any OC options for CPU. Z9PE-D8 WS does.

On Z9PA-D8 you can only manipulate power states and RAM frequency. You'll have to find by trial and error the best settings in power section of CPU settings.

Do not turn off power performance switch. Be sure you have Turbo and EIST enabled.

Also note: Z9PA-D8C is able to work with non-ECC unregistered memory modules UDIMM . Z9PA-D8 /IKVM is unable of that. Even if it will start it won't work under load.

Cooling solution have to be equal for both CPUs.

I'm using water for no. 1 with cooling pushing the air from inside to the top and up and big air for no.2 with blower to the back.

It's quieter than 2 water AIO.

Be sure to work with physics of gases when you organize cooling. Hot air goes up, cold air goes down...

Have a nice play with this setup..

Ps Why not E5-2690 V1?

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I apologize for the late reply, but the E5 2690s were a lot more expensive than what I can afford. Plus these two E5 2670s were on sale for 171 dollars for the pair, which are effectively..... $85.50 a piece? And the two AIO coolers I have are Corsair H100i's, which are pretty quiet for the most part, even under load.

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