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ASUS EU Cashback campaign - any luck?


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Hi guys,

Anyone had success with ASUS Z270 Kaby Lake cashback + Mafia 3 campaign in Europe?


I have applied a long time ago, and pretty much no outcome, no Mafia 3, no cashback, if ASUS says im not entitled, thats fair - no problem, but would be nice with response.


I bought the false-flag marketing ASUS Z270G STRIX, a board that promises DDR4-4000, however, oddly, nobody in gods forsaken earth had been able to acheive that with the board...

A i7-7700K and a win10 OEM (that I didnt need), to get entitled to the cashback...


I ended up RMA the board and buy a APEX instead (great board btw), so it would indeed be fair if I am no longer entitled, however response would be nice.


Hope ASUS will wake up and get started with the campaign....


Anyone had luck with the cashback and Mafia 3 so far?



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