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[FS] GEM 7700K!


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Hey guys,


Up for sale my gem 7700K.


Pristine condition,not even a mhz degraded,die in perfect shape.


Cpu is not maxxed out,will do 7000 hwbotprime loop after loop,7020 doable,6920 R11.5 also possible,xtu close to 6800. Pifast almost finishes 7170 but crash after itinerations every time,not tested this with Venom si ...who knows :)


Alex@ro`s XTU score: 2338 marks with a Core i7 7700K


Alex@ro`s Cinebench - R11.5 score: 16.87 points with a Core i7 7700K


Alex@ro`s PiFast score: 8sec 830ms with a Core i7 7700K


No CB or CBB with RSVDD switch,runs with very low auxiliary voltages and extremely easy to bench.Buyer will get required profile and tips to maxx-out.


This cpu is NOT a reject from Hazzan,it comes from personal effort and hunt,i can't buy bulk quantities and the right batch from Intel but i do have the persistence of a mad man.


The legacy's should be a walk in the park , i did 7070-7100 aquamakr quite easy in win 8.1.


Normally you may ask why am i selling this. The reasons are that i need to buy Taiwan ticket for Gskill WC and secondly i have no motivation to bench and push anything after some certain events that made me hit the ceiling of futile attemts . Fun is good but having some food for mouth is even better.


Price is 2000E shipped ,paypal or bank is ok,buyer takes care of potential fees.



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