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EU - M9Apex, SF3D pots

Guest Sinebrychof

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Guest Sinebrychof

For sale some more parts. EU only due to too high shipping costs if I wanted to ship outside.


1. Maximus IX Apex.


Comes with original retail box and atleast most of the accessories. Board has a bit of vaseline left but I will clean it before shipping. No USB over-current issue on boot at all with this board and the board can do good memory speeds with decent IMC.


Asking for 220 euros and shipping.


2. SF3D Inflection point original + EK-SF3D Triple point Evo with custom alu top piece.


Original and now quite rare original SF3D/Ryba cpu pot. Bought during 2012-early 2013 and still works nicely. One of the best cpu pots for dry ice and good all around cpu pot, comes with original mounting gear and insulation piece. Has been used quite a lot so a bit of lapping can be a good idea upon receiving.


The memory pot comes with the custom aluminium top piece and just the pot without custom heatsinks.


Asking for both of the pots as a combo 160 euros and shipping inside EU.

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