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Galax GTX 1080Ti HOF - Air Cooled & OC Lab Edition


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Some changes were made to the PCB and components, when comparing the air-cooled and OC Lab Edition HOF cards (other than the obvious cooling solutions).


The V-Core VRM caps have changed from 4V => 2.5V on the OC L.E. Also, some "input voltage monitor" jumpers have been added, as well as some additional jumpers for other purposes.


Included are some shots of the OC L.E.


Anyone spot/know of any other differences?

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Just found out that Barrow and Bykski makes waterblocks for the 1080Ti HOF. They are much more reasonably priced than the Bitspower block(over $100 USD less for me at the time of this post). The really cool thing about the Barrow block is that it allows you to use/retain the HOF LCD. I've included some pics for those interested. Wish I saw this before I bought the Bitspower block. Couple things to note... it doesn't appear that the RGB strips have the proper connector to link it to the card (nothing a simple mod can't fix, but a weird oversight). Also, it doesn't seem to cover the chokes like the BP block. Finally, it doesn't state that it's compatible with the OC Labs Edition but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be.

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