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i7 860 Engineering Sample for $180: Should I buy it or not?

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The title is pretty much self explanatory.


I came from the tomshardware forums looking for more insight on whether or not I should jump on this purchase. It's used and won't come with a heatsink, but if I go for it I could be possibly getting an insane performance increase from my current Pentium D 945.


I already have an ASRock P55 Extreme (triple SLI) that I bought refurbished for $75 last week. I just need a processor and RAM (HSF too if I get this). The heatsink I would get is the Hyper 212+, and I already have an 80+ Bronze Xigmatek 400 watt with an HD 5770.


Main thing I'll be doing is heavy gaming (like Crysis and Metro 2033 at 1600x1200 heavy), and the most multitasking I do is 30-40 tabs open in Google Chrome while using iTunes.


So what do you guys think? Should I buy it, or just look for a cheaper i5 760/760?




EDIT: Never mind this, guys. The processor's listing was taken down, so I ended up getting an i5 750 for $169.

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