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Submit score page - bug report and feature request

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Yesterday I've got caught a glitch from the submit page. It's quite an old one but annoying nevertheless. I think we should work hard pushing the hardware, not fighting with submission engine.

Bug report:

1) Images selected for attachment are removed if you get a error message, both "verification screenshot" field and "pictures of your system" (except ones being prepopulated from previous submissions) . Adding the fact you have to scroll way down to re-check this, it's a nasty one.

2) internal exception errors are seen, "Property score threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.NullPointerException". And there are two of them, above and below the input field.

Feature requests:

1) On CPU-Z result page we have two "CPU frequency" input fields. Can we grey-out the second one and dupe from the other as long as one of them gets filled? It'll be the best solution. Or at least make one input field. It's kinda counter-productive having to input the same thing twice.

2) We have a motherboard database, why don't we fill up motherboard vendor and chipset if you select a certain model? If it's not in the database, O.K. let them fill all three fields. But if it's in, you can prepopulate the other two from model name.

3) Last but not least - could we nail the "I've read the rules and agree to them till the next time they change". I understand why this thing got light when rules have changed. But this doesn't happen often. We could nail it once per benchmark and reset when benchmark rules or general rules have been change. It is annoying.



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