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[USA-GA] [H] Skylake Xeon 4c/4t e3-1220 v5 (#1 in world for now)+ AsRock Fatal1ty motherboard (fsb overclockable, ecc memory) [W] PayPal


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Decided to take this here where it might be appreciated :-D

$250 OBO

Heres the newegg link to the products included https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157690


Will not include original packaging.

This is the only motherboard that OC Skylake Xeon.

The chip is the #1 world record on hwbot for its model as linked below. 4.56ghz @ 152fsb @ 1.35v.

This setup has extreme potential for overclocking world records as it is the only mobo that can overclock skylake xeon WITH or without ECC unbuffered memory.

Daily settings are 4.35ghz @ 1.28v

the chip has never been past 1.35v and has never been over 75c. Water cooled its whole life by a kraken x61.

do not update bios- you will lose overclocking.

Validation https://valid.x86.fr/ad5y41

HWBOT Record as of 4/12/18 http://hwbot.org/submission/3824556_thachamp05_cpu_frequency_xeon_e3_1220_v5_4560_mhz

MOBO Timestamp Imgur

CPU Timestamp Imgur

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