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6600k temp readings seem crazy - help pls?

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Hi all

I just recently ventured into CPU OC (have done GPU before) with my 6600k. Read a bunch of guides, updated my Maximus VIII Hero BIOS and looked through all the settings. I decided to start with a mild OC from 3.9 GHz to 4.3 GHz and had no issues at 1.264v with LLC 5 to manage Vdroop. However, after running a couple of stress tests (x264 and RealBench) I noticed that my temp readings in HWInfo and a couple of other apps I tried were really weird.

HWInfo reports the following:

  • CPU temp 38-40C idle and 60C peak
  • CPU Package temp 50-52C idle and 70C peak
  • Individual core temps 13-18C idle and 50C peak

The problem with these temps is

  1. An idle of 50C is waaaaaay too high compared with other people's CPU Package temps that I have seen (which are usually similar to the CPU temp reading)
  2. Tthe individual core temps are much too low given that room temp is 20C and case temp (measured by various sensors) is 26-30C.

BIOS reports CPU idling at 36-38C which doesn't seem too crazy given I am air cooling (Noctua NH-12s) and I don't have a super aggressive fan profile. I should note that the above temps remain the same if I reset all BIOS settings to default (i.e. undo the overclock and voltage change). And a further note: I have removed and reseated the Noctua CPU cooler with brand new thermal paste and I'm certain it's properly mounted.

Does this mean there's something wrong with my CPU or motherboard sensors? I have tried several apps (HWInfo, HWMonitor, CoreTemp) and all of them show the weird readings.

Thanks in advance.

2018-05-15 17_12_22-Window.png

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