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seems dfi infinity 975x/g might be the new number 1 conroe board

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i have this board and its been troublesome right from the start fsb wall of 380 unless a 4;3 memory divider was used then if your lucky you'd get to 400, i have just corrupted the bios chip on mine when i tried a beta bios in search of an update i was just about to take the board out and put it over my knee when i saw this on xs http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=111725


it appears the bugs have been ironed out now and the dfi definitely has the best range of voltages of any other conroe board 2.65 memory , 1.9 i think vcore and 1.75 nb volts and even with it at 400fsb and 4;3 memory divider it was still quick, so i have ordered a new bios chip with ok bios on


it seems all the conroe boards have had a lot of bugs but i think nows the time when we are going to see the best come out

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