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I would like to know what I should expect from the following:


800w BFG PSU

Corsair DDR2 1066 TWIN2X2048-8500C5D 5-5-5-15

Asus Maximus Formula /w DDR2

Koolance Case http://www.koolance.com/water-cooling/product_info.php?product_id=304 /w Arctic Silver

Intel q6600 G0 Stepping currently at 3419.983Ghz stable


The number of BIOS settings has just gotten crazy, from AI Overclock and beyond. My CPU is at 34c idle at 3419.983, so what could I coax out of it if I got serious? Would RAM tuning offer more performance than CPU clock?

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Actually I think your CPU can go even higher still. I'm running 24/7 3.51GHz 100% Load stable on air (Orthos).

How much vCore you're giving? I need to give 1.475000 from bios (idle: 1.45v, load: 1.40v)


Well my goal was to put 3.6GHz stable for this stone but I think 85C temp is still in limits of 24/7 use when having 100% load (like I will ever have thatkind situation without benchmarking ;))


With Water cooling I think you can get abit over 4GHz with your stone and cooling.



Q6600 G0 @ 3.51GHz (1.40-1.45v) with NorthQ 3340WLA Extereme

Pqi 4x2GB DDR2 800MHz 5-5-5-18 1.8v @ 1:1 780MHz, 4-4-4-15 1.8v

Asus P5E @ 0903 Bios

500GB Western Digital Cav system HDD

Asus TOP 8800GT 512MB @ 740/1850/1000 with Coolink GFXChilla

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