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effects of different hardware components on total processing time in a PC

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Hi everybody

Recently I have decided to buy a laptop but I have been confused by different information in different site which are sometimes completely in despite of my own experiences.

here I say what I have seen real life:

I had a pc with pentium processor and its total speed shown in taskbar manager was about 1.9 GH

the company I work in, Shirazsun, has bought me an other PC with Celeron IC... surprisingly the speed of the pc with Celeron IC is higher (up to 2.8GH)....

celeron is older but it works better.... the only difference is the RAM between these 2 PC which is :

the PC with Pentium: DDR3 4GB

the pc with Celeron: DDR4 4GB

meanwhile I saw a laptop with celeron IC and maximum speed of 2GH!!!!!

how can I calculate the total effects of other elements and components On general speed of a laptop's processing ???????? 

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