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Infuriare - GeForce GTX 680 @ 1500/1800MHz - 165216 marks 3DMark03


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Consider it as somewhat a super budget apex, you probably won't be breaking superpi records but it can be a nice legacy 3d benching platform. In my experience it can achieve get some fairly decent results, 4000c12 is achievable using the 3866 strap + 103.5bclk.

Some ram straps are either completely broken, like the 3900 strap will not post at all, or won't post tight, like the 4000 strap will not post anything lower than c13 and the 4133 strap doesn't seem to want to work at anything lower than c18.

The board is also missing control over RTL and IOL timings and also doesn't have vttddr voltage control if you have a b-die kit that's especially voltage picky. It can also take ages to post when pushing hard, so be patient.

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