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7820X - Help Diagnosing Extreme Instability

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I'm really at a loss for what more I can do aside from delidding to stabilize. I'm not overclocking to any real extent after a few weeks back. I attempted to swap coolers about a week ago when I first started to see issues. In the current state, I am unable to even stress test without throttling even at 3.6 GHz. I have all of my components below and can provide anything extra necessary to figure this out.

CPU: i7 7820X

Cooler: NZXT Kraken x62 (Arctic MX4 Thermal)


HHD: Samsung 960 EVO M.2

GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX1080TI Founder's Edition

Case: Corsair Carbide 400C Compact Mid-Tower

Memory: G.SKILL 32GB (2 x 16GB) Ripjaws V Series DDR4 PC4-25600 3200MHz (F4-3200C16D-32GVK)

Power Supply: Corsair CX Series 750 Watt 80 Plus Bronze (CP-9020061-NA)





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6 minutes ago, AutisticChris said:

My recommendations: check VRM thermals, case airflow, and maybe redo thermal paste.

I have had an Intel AIO die (pump death, possibly air in the loop) and show very similar symptoms.

Just redid thermals and swapped out my corsair last week which didn't make a big difference.

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