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GTX 970 overclocking on air compared to water.


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       I know I just posted this 23 hours ago, but I was since upgraded to an FX-8300 and got the waterblock installed on my card. I also upgraded my pump from a 1600 rpm pump to a 3000 rpm pump PWM controllable. Now, running 3dMark Time Spy at 1351mhz and 1.2 volts, the card never got above 39 degrees and the 8-core 8300 was never more than 22 during the 3D test, then got up to 27 during the render test.

       With the clock speed at 1447 mhz on stock voltage, it got up to 39 degrees in Time Spy and the cpu got up to 27 in the render test, but only 22 during the 3D test. Amazing the difference water makes. 

      I used something on my graphics card I have never used before. A graphite thermal pad. Seems to be working extremely well. I am pumping directly into the 240mm radiator, which goes to the gpu, then cpu, then reservoir, and back down to the pump. The difference is when your water loop is really functional. Like when I fill it with water, I don't really have to bleed it any. Hardly any sucks down from the reservoir when I first turn it on. It just fills up the whole loop when I fill it, all the way back to the reservoir. I only had to prime it once. And it's a tiny reservoir.      

Here are pictures below of the install. Can't wait to see what this card can really do now! Thanks for reading!












All of the fans are on the same fan controller. By PWM. I like positive case pressure so the dust gets stuck on the filter instead of inside my PC. 3 intake fans (2 on radiator) one exhaust fan. I know I should be pulling the air in from the other side instead of blowing it through the front with the fans, but I don't have the screws yet. I will tomorrow!








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         I ran Aida64 stress test for some time and averaged about 33 degrees. I settled on 4219mhz at 1.320 volts for the fx 8300. If I run it at 3500mhz at 1.172 volts,  I can get the temperature down to single digits. I am in a cold room.

         I have had a lot of experience in the past with nvidia BIOS flashing, and the maxwell wasn't much different. For the gtx 970 I, I buchwacked the factory BIOS and adjusted the wattage limits and raised the voltage by .12v. Through a lot of trial and error, I found that just simply doing this automatically raises the boost clock speed to 1480mhz. I add +13 on top of that in the BIOS. The card runs at 1493mhz. 39 degrees max after 3DMark sessions.

Anything higher than that in terms of clock speed the card becomes unstable. I did a lot of cd C:/nvflash and nvflash -6 xxx.rom and saw what didn't work. It seems like if I raise the voltage anymore, even if I flash it in, it doesn't raise the actual voltage. So in terms of wattage, I'm using everything I can and have plenty of wattage left over. If I could give it more voltage somehow I could raise the clock a ton. Open for suggestions for overclocking. 

Gaming like WoT takes the card up to about 48 degrees, on max graphics settings. If I drop to graphics down to medium, the card goes down to 40. Cpu is never above 37.





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