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OC only upgrade from X79?

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First post here :D

As the title says, right now I’m on X79 (3930k, 4.95@1.47v Air) for my OC rig, and I’m looking for something to upgrade to.
The things is, it needs to OC pretty well on ambient, so 3rd gen Ryzen is mostly out the window. It’s just for overclocking and such. Possible subzero in further future.

Lastly, I would like to stay below 1000€/1000$ for the whole setup (cpu, mobo, ram). Don’t care if it’s used, as long as it works.


Also found a 7980xe for 560€ and x299 Dark for 250€ on my “local” used market. Not sure if It’s a good deal as I’m “new” to modern HEDT.

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