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AMD 29XX Threadripper \ intel 9900k \ 32GB\64GB\128GB DDR4\ Mini ITX mobo


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Good afternoon :)


Looking for an AMD Threadripper 29XXX preferably 2970X, but also possible to accept offers from a 2950X and a 2990X.

Also, looking for some normal 9900k (really, they can suck in OC) or some really good one for aircooling daily stable OC, as also the best mini ITX mobo possible for it, preferably ASRock, but also MSI, Asus, EVGA and Gigabyte are welcome, as long as they have strong VRM's.

Not of extreme OC, as my days of it are (not saying over) in pause for a long while :( Too much work.

Need them for my working machines.

Also good 32GB\64GB\128GB RAM kits are welcome to have offers. The 32GB for the 9900k should have at least 4133mhz speed. Others, doesn't mind the speed :) I'd really like to try some very powerful RAM for daily use on the ITX, about 32GB.


I'm from Portugal, but can buy from anywhere.

Waiting for offers!


Soon I'll put some hardware for sale, including an SR-X with 2 CPU's and 128GB RAM ECC 1866mhz, if someone find this interesting :) 


André Mesquita

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