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  1. You can find it on the CPU-Z Validator - OC World Records page: 8308.94MHz was rejected on the new CPU-Z version while the old one validated fine. Or we could just ask @TaPaKaH.
  2. One of my suggestions from the Team Cup planning thread that didn't make it in the competition: Some more: 1. HWBOT X265 1080P 4-core non-HT 115x (divided by socket) 2. DDR4 OR DDR3 memory frequency all out divided by socket (2x Intel + 2x AMD) 3. CB R20 OR HWBOT X265 1080P/4K 6-core (non-HT?) 1151 v1/2 + 1200
  3. Calling dibs on the Z97 LN2. Let me know about shipping cost to Germany and payment method by PN.
  4. Hey Gregor, Can you please: - add EVGA Z490 FTW WIFI (122-CL-E497-KR) - change EVGA Z490 DARK to Z490 Dark (131-CL-E499-KR) (or change all other Dark boards to full capital letters :) ) - add EVGA Z490 Dark K|NGP|N Edition (131-CL-E499-KP) Thank you!
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