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  1. Editing is working fine for me. I'm also on the latest FF. Just tested it on my post above. Also here...
  2. I did now, but it isn't showing up on the main site anymore... @richba5tard, can we fix it?
  3. And how did you manage to get two threads linked to your score? 😂
  4. The thread will be closed for now and HWBOT staff will look into it.
  5. Nice work! :) One digit missing in the batch number?
  6. Don_Dan

    [FS] 50L dewar

    I'll take the two Crucial kits, #9 and #36.
  7. You're right, how did I miss that yesterday. Score blocked.
  8. I hope he will post some more information about his setup and this score. It just raises a few questions when someone registers at HWBOT and posts such a record as his one and only result. If it is legit, it is an impressive feat for sure!
  9. Don_Dan

    Notable retired overclockers

    Good to see so many names of people, who were important for me starting and growing this passion. Michael @No_Name for being the one to raise popularity of extreme overclocking together with PC Games Hardware magazine in Germany around 2005/2006. George @hipro5 for giving valuable tips when I got my first setup solely for overclocking (E6600 + Asus Striker Extreme + Crucial 10th Anniversary Kit). And of course Charles @FUGGER for providing the forum at XtremeSystems, that would quickly become my home forum since 2007. I'm probably not the only one who hopes that you will change your opinion regarding HWBOT, re-activate your account and post your scores, as they are a wealth of information and a database of overclocking scores is not complete without the results of your testing.
  10. Don_Dan

    1156 memory OC

    Like Sam said, this was probably known by anyone when Clarkdale was benched hard. Just take a look at the i5 670 32M ranking for example.