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  1. No, as far as I know the PCIe for graphics cards was provided by the NB / X48 chipset, not the ICH / SB. German Wikipedia confirms that.
  2. Epic results, congratulations! 👑 What can this memory stick do on air?
  3. I've pushed a recalculation of viper_rd's submissions, but it seems to have no effect. Sorry, but there's nothing else I can do for you right now. Please do list everything, but please also keep in mind that this site is being operated by enthusiasts that also have a job and a private life.
  4. It's working for me again. Thanks @richba5tard 👍
  5. Nothing was changed intentionally. We need Frederik or Dennis to fix it. I don't know but it's my guess as well.
  6. It's the same for me. Staff is looking into it.
  7. Is it the same error as described here? If it is, it has already been reported to the developers.
  8. Unlocking cores is allowed, but please note that e.g. unlocking a single core CPU to a dual core CPU will put you in the dual core category/ranking.
  9. I think CPU-Z has always shown X4 B55 when unlocking the X2 555. It's fine to me.
  10. 'Use 2 processor core(s) in total' means you should use a dual core or an unlocked single core CPU. The same goes for the 3 core CPU stage. Disabling cores to enter lower core count rankings/competitions is never allowed on HWBOT.
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