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  1. What is this sorcery? :D Congratulations on the massive score!
  2. I guess it's because the ranking you listed is indeed a ranking and not a search function. For the ranking it is using "show all scores where TYPE = Ballistix Sport" and IN RANKING FOR DDR3 (hardware category) = YES". Since you can only have one score in the ranking for DDR3, it is this one. If you use the search function and look for Ballistix Sport and one of the benchmarks, you will see your score is shown for Ballstix Sport. I hope you understand what I mean. @richba5tard can you confirm this? Edit: @ObscureParadox Loving that link, mate!
  3. Editing is working fine for me. I'm also on the latest FF. Just tested it on my post above. Also here...
  4. I did now, but it isn't showing up on the main site anymore... @richba5tard, can we fix it?
  5. And how did you manage to get two threads linked to your score? 😂
  6. The thread will be closed for now and HWBOT staff will look into it.
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