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  1. ^ Removed Please note that you're also missing the mandatory CPU-Z screens.
  2. I've deleted it. Please note that you should put in your CPU frequency in MHz, so 4500 instead of 4.5.
  3. One of my suggestions from the Team Cup planning thread that didn't make it in the competition: Some more: 1. HWBOT X265 1080P 4-core non-HT 115x (divided by socket) 2. DDR4 OR DDR3 memory frequency all out divided by socket (2x Intel + 2x AMD) 3. CB R20 OR HWBOT X265 1080P/4K 6-core (non-HT?) 1151 v1/2 + 1200
  4. I've edited the second submission and blocked the other two for missing screenshot and wrong benchmark.
  5. Calling dibs on the Z97 LN2. Let me know about shipping cost to Germany and payment method by PN.
  6. Don_Dan

    Please add HW

    Hey Gregor, Can you please: - add EVGA Z490 FTW WIFI (122-CL-E497-KR) - change EVGA Z490 DARK to Z490 Dark (131-CL-E499-KR) (or change all other Dark boards to full capital letters :) ) - add EVGA Z490 Dark K|NGP|N Edition (131-CL-E499-KP) Thank you!
  7. Something different today:
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