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  1. My vote is to keep FSU and allow both Titan Z and the Pro Duo (Fiji). I don't see that option reflected in the poll though.
  2. Sam, I'll take the better one of the two i7 950 (3849B batch).
  3. I marked the submission as checked. Thanks for uploading the screenshot.
  4. The submission was never reported for that reason. In the future, please use the report button.
  5. Move it to 1st of January so the points are still valid for Season 2020?
  6. You can edit the score yourself. The Edit button is in the top right corner. Anyway I've edited this submission for you already!
  7. The thread has been cleaned. Please play nice! PS: Hi PJ!
  8. No, as far as I know the PCIe for graphics cards was provided by the NB / X48 chipset, not the ICH / SB. German Wikipedia confirms that.
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