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Blocked score, but maybe possible to re-activate it?

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- this score was removed as I didn't include the memory window... which is correct. The problem was that for some reason I couldn't open 2 CPUZ windows at the same time (the other one would never open, after the loading bar was gone nothing came up), and then I decided to only use that CPU window.


But I could make a validation, which is also on HWBot (at the exact same clocks as the scores):




The scores should match the memory speed pretty accurately, so if "common sense" is used, I'd say it should be unblocked. At least someone once said that there's no point in blocking obviously legit scores because of a missing tab or something.


PS: these two score have the same bug as well: http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=784106


and http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=784108

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In order to open two or more cpu-z windows do second double click on icon only after full loading first copy of CPU-Z.


Like I said, that didn't work at that time;)


I don't really see why there is a need to block the scores, they are all consistent with average memory clocks and the CPU type and speed in the screenshot. I also uploaded a CPUZ validation with the same clocks that should give you the missing memory timings/speed as well.


I'm not complaining against the rules here, but there have been a few posts from mods where you asked the users to not report all scores with missing resolution, tabs etc but only the scores which actually need all verification to be 100% believable.


I'm confused, do you want "us" to report every score that don't follow the rules or do you allow some kind of common sense here?


PS: I don't care much about these particular scores, it's the principles I'm after. I can rebench this chip anytime i want to.

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