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Hey guys,

It's Poorya (AKA Amateurs)

I wanna sell my vga that I did brake WR at the time of sandy and Ivy-bridge. they are golden because you can not find them in market anymore. some of them that I mentioned bellow need to be reball and repair.

Note: I will sell all of them to 1 person only. Don't ask for separating them

Note: Won't ship to US - Shipment payment is with buyer 

Price: 500 USDT (Tether) Or equal BTC value at the time (Payment only by crypto-currency)

Price Drop To 400 USDT

LAST Price Drop To 300 USDT


1) 8800GTX

2) EVGA 8800GTS 512mb

3) HD 3870 GDDR4

4) Zotac 8800GT AMP 512mb

5) HD 4870

6) XFX 8600GT

7) Gigabyte 8500GT (cr*p)

8 ) 6800GT

9) 8800GTS 320mb - 8800GTS 512mb - 8800GTX (They will boot up but need to repair and reball) but they have good potential

10) OCZ DDR2 PC2 8500 Reaper Series - 5-5-5@2.1v dual 1G -  PN: OCZ2RP10662GK      SN: 005360902001328-1  They can not brake WR but they are good for testing DDR2



Some of submits:






and ...

All of these records were 1st by them time they submit



DM me / sh.poorya@gmail.com / Skype: poorya.sh

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Price Drop
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