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Bench memory OC

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I was wondering at what memory speeds other bench?  I know about 4666cl14-13 1t, 4800cl14-13, and 4133 cl12-11 1t but after after looking over some subs from memory bound benches like super pi and wprime, I am seeing a lot of top subs have lower memory speeds.

So that made me wonder what others use as their bench memory OC. I have been working on a 4800cl14 memory OC profile but it's quite inconsistent in when it posts, it almost depends on the say as ti whether it will post or not. I feel like as a rookie I am missing something here.

System I am working with is a 9900k on a XI Apex or XI Gene with a few different memory kits. 

Any other rookies have tips/tricks for this level of mem OC?

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