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Bugged Core Voltage?


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Hello, I need help because my different programs are reporting different core voltages and I'm not sure if I'm hurting my cpu in any way and I need help figuring out my actual core voltage. HWinfo shows my core voltage at 1.4 ish while in ryzen master it is at 1.1 and different software keeps reporting different things. Also, my core VID shows 1.1 in HWinfo while my core voltage shows 1.4 Whats the difference? (sorry I'm a noob).


ryzen master.PNG

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1 hour ago, ozzie said:

possibly the sensor on the board isnt reading correctly , id be believing the ryzen tool b4 hwinfo, what does cpuz read ??

I think I figured it out? The problem seems to be that ryzen master can't set the actual vcore, only the VID. I went into bios and changed vcore to 1.2 (Stock it was set at almost 1.4 for some reason) and now HWinfo is showing it properly and my cpu is stable at 4.4ghz at 1.2v, and my temps went down like crazy! (20ish Degrees C)


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