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  1. a tip, if youre gunna get them made have the tangs rounded off nicely like the middle ones are shown to be, quite often a rounded edge will fit where a square edge like show will hit something, it just gives that little bit more fitting room, looks nicer too 🙂
  2. how bout this then fred ? have a few coldies with micahel and a good yak about it, after all hes been here for years and knows what benches work for whatever and what doesnt and been the comps mod for years, seems a good idea to me
  3. we all get that " benched out feeling" at times, no matter what league youre in, if it were me that was sponsored id contact the sponsor and say , mate um benched out for a while, i need some space time, depending on your relationship with the sponsor youre with is whether theyre prepared to give you that space to recoup, and for mine, if they dont, then theyre not worth having the sponsorship, people arent machines, they dont need feeding, they dont have family and life issues etc etc, some think they are but it soon catches them up and the mind and body soon fixes that up and puts it all back into perspective quick smart
  4. i havent voted yet coz i think it may be 3, not 2 to have from what ive read , so im hanging off, my vote would mean jack all anyway
  5. well i would suggest this speed ^^^ , if extreme can beat elite then that elite doesnt have the right elite hardware or they are'nt as good as as an elite as they think, or the extreme has the hardware the elite should've got but didnt , or hes and extremely elite overclocker that maybe should think moving from extreme and going to elite 🙂
  6. simple suzuki, because sponsored get the best of the best binned hardware/s being boards, cpus, ram, gpus, pots etc, given to them by the sponsor, manufacturer, what ever you want to call them, now how is the general bencher going to beat that from a retail outlet they buy from??, answer is they dont and wont !!!
  7. chill down ? im not even overheated, i wasnt offensive at all, ive stated how i feel what i think about it, thats what was asked, and people have put their opinions up as i did,
  8. ozzie

    [WTB][EU] Asus Apex X

    stop the pestering questions you give just about every one on the for sale thread chris, youre all over anything and everything, if youre not gunna buy then forget it
  9. to me, sponsored go in their own, different altogehter ln2, dice, ss, phase change go to extreme, air and ambient water stay on their own chilled water, im hung on that, not sure whats fair to all on chilled or ice water where it should go, like what i use the best ive ever got is -5c no load, that soon goes to +15-20c +under load depending on the bench and volts, especially with an ambient of around 12 c outside , 18 inside in winter, 30c + in summer, so my system wont compare to those in colder countries where the ambient outside is - 3-5 or whatever, and they put something out the window , radiator, hoses , whatever, so where does it end , the cooling thing is a big issue, but "cant" be proven lets not forget where "WE' all started in this game, air, then water then chilled or dice then ln2, so scrapping the lesser over the latter i think is a big mistake, never forget your origins , money has to be considered for people, what they can and cant afford i know this , you just cant have sponsored and other, whats the other ??? LN2, SS, DICE, PHASE, AIR , WATER, CHILLED WATER and everything else thrown into it 1??? if it is hows that gunna work, it wont, the lesser of the cooling benchers might as well go light a fire and throw all theyve got on it with their time money and effort as well for dessert this change youre thinking about has to be very well thought out before implemented coz if you dont and it isnt, youll have a big shitfight in here, by many. ill guarantee you that
  10. hey fred funny isnt it, takes you to ban me from posting to reply to me for the same question asked from the start, im going to tell you this now fred, i dont take lightly to foolish comments or actions from anyone, and i dont say what i say for pure internet amusement , i say what i say as the past has been a disaster in many ways, you and i and all others know that too, but weve stuck with you with it, rev 7 and its faults are becoz of your fault and what you were left but you programmed it , and im being blunt here ,no need for 8, but you couldnt fix it, as things are, go back to basics mate, i dont wanna get into it with you on here, i reckon pm is the best go...agreeable ??, my reasons are simple really ....have some ideas..up to you cheers shane
  11. so now im off the post ban frederic, do i get an answer ?, it was a simple question that i guess you didnt like much, why is rev 8 even needed, can you not sort rev 7 out ?, if no then why? you arranged it and put it in place, im well aware that you were left with a mess from massman, and others, thinking all is good, and im not trying to make that mess any bigger, im not a dickhead mate, dont treat me like them if you ask me a question ill answer you honestly, i expect the same back from you or anyone else, not hard is it?? i know youve been bombbarded with lots from everyone, but, might pay to step out of the box for a bit and take a look from others that may just know a little more than you do 🙂
  12. well which one is it ??? richbastard or frederick either 1 i dont care, answer me
  13. its not about W9. its about any team, just coz were no1 it dont mean other teams havent tried too, but theres 1 thing the other teams havent got like our small miniscule team thats the best in the world, theyve all tried to beat us, theyve beat us in the team cup yes, thats what team cup is for to beat other teams, other teams have much more LN2 , DICE benchers than we do, even when we were classic platforms we were never under the no5 team in the world in my time since i was there. always competiive in every way not to worry, the worst thing for anyone is to fall on the sword they initiate in the first place, the pain to come is excruciating for them 🙂
  14. nicely written WW, you nailed it to a T 🤞 🙂