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  1. i found the custom pledge page which should be a clear option and it isnt , you have to click on show tier description then click edit to get to the custom pledge option , this isnt right where you have to trawl around to find the custom pledge option and needs to be remedied
  2. i dont see an option in the patreon page for paying the amount you want to pay, minimum amount is stated at 10euro which costs me 11 euro here , i thought it was said we can pay what ever amount we chose to and that option is not visible on the page and its a monthly payment not a 1 off as was also said , it does say edit your payment but where is the edit option ???? id like to make sure that the option is clearly visible for all to see before i make a payment and the minimum payment option changed to any amount or something of that nature cheers ozz
  3. all that is needed it for them to give the boys time , cant they understand that , the world isnt gunna cave in coz you cant submit for a weekend jesus
  4. why dont people read instead of posting and making more work for the mods to reply has got me beat really , is it stupidity or ignorance or both
  5. if you can find better rods youre in for some more fun man , hope you do tooπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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