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  1. how bout you know a bit about it and  with it b4 you  go giving out anything ?

    1. Leeghoofd


      I get each time like 4-5 reports on your forum posts, just tone down... no need to debate...

  2. ^^^^^^^^ too true, plug 1 in or plug one out, whatever the bench needs, best os is a new install any way , and along with bench your daily ,,,,, and you will pay the price..sooner rather than later !!!!
  3. ozzie


    does it matter ? , thats his business. what are you gunna do ? knock on his door and say sell it to me ???, chris stop the dribble mate !!!!!
  4. ah thankyou subaru for pointing that out to me , sorry i mis read it, either way , my board would handle it easily, i dont need a board 🙂
  5. not interested in a beat up motherboard , have pleny here that are better, cpu , how much ,without postage ?
  6. youre supposed to be a global moderator , (cough cough) , you should know
  7. only ever had the 555be and the 980 be in here as its my daily, rule of thumb ive learn is you dont overclock your daily, , actually not sure if an fx 4130 is supported with this board , only ever had it on the 990 chipset, it does about 5.2 on chilled water, that was on the crosshair v -z but actually did better on a gig 990 fxa - ud3 i bought cheap but never subbed it , think it was round $ 60 delivered on flea bay for nothing and the bloke had bad mem in it, its a cracker of a board for a cheapy and does better than the crosshair in mhz, but has no where the bios settings that the v-z has as youd know, so i gave the crosshair to pete to try crack the 8 gig mark with his fx-8350, nearly got there . think it was 7980 ish but he hit the wrong volt setting in 1 area , you can talk to him later bout that if you wish, and it killed the cpu, then as it goes trying again with something the board died later , i got the ud3 to 5365 mhz on my little setup on geekbench 3 which i thought was a fair effort, 8370 at 5570 again i thought was very fair, this was before it went into mine as a daily anyway mate nice to talk again , thx cheers ozz
  8. gday chris, what forum , im not in one other than here , and that could be limited too lol ? told bot about it months ago mate, nothing has been done tho, guess that par tho , but thx anyway, appreciated you even replied 🙂 cheers and hope youre good
  9. dunno where this tom randle bullshit avatar comes from, told bot about it dunno how long ago and still isnt fixed lol, this is ozz
  10. nice bully, 890 chipset boards are good boards, mines an asrock 890 fxb deluxe 3 early yes but still perform nicely, and think theyre well over looked now for what they can produce , cheers mate ..nice
  11. you have no idea about EVGA warranty george, . EVGA has superb warranty with anything they make, ive had 3 psus returned over the years, and replaced (with new) and costs for postage paid every time
  12. you have very poor repair people in greece then dont you , a good fridge or air con man could fix the leak, jesus, i dont beleive this crap
  13. youre a bloody hypocrite mate, i know of someone on "your team" that was banned from here for cheating for 12mths , and you then reinstated him into your team and is still there, but youre selective arent ya , dont talk double standards mate, practice what you preech, theres a few on your team that need pissing off all together, not for cheating or dup accounts ,theyre just full of shit !!!!!!!
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