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  1. wonderful dave, you always come up with something different, nice going
  2. MATE, do you ever not post on something thats been posted on bot ??? give it a break ffs,give it a rest
  3. ozzie

    Merry Xmas To All

    wishing everybody a happy, safe merry xmas a big thanks to all mods for all their " free " time they give for us , their effort and dedication and another wonderful year in our forum here cheers everyone 🍾🍸 ozz
  4. pity the DK DFI board didnt come up a few weeks ago, theyre excellent boards the dark series of DFI, i bought a gig - 790 X- UD4P, another well known top AMD board, ive had a couple of both in the past
  5. 🤣 pete, most of us will be pushin up daisies by then
  6. ^^^^^ what a load of shit .......its getting the max youre you can from the system youre benching
  7. @Mythical tech i live in australia in those temps and i still do ok, even on chilled/iced water, admittedly i havent done any benching for a while due to surgery recovery, there is things like air conditioning that brings the ambient in the room down to an acceptable bench temp where the condensation level is limited, the problem here moreso than the heat is the humidity when its threatening to rain but doesnt and the heat is still there, and we do pretty good on water , chilled or dice or ln2, what sort of temps do you get there in summer ?
  8. all this thread ^^^^^^^^^^^^ has been thrashed over a 100 times
  9. like i said , stats are nothing, ezsecially google stats, the majority prob uses chrome anyway, what shrimp ^^^^^^^^ said above is correct, people need to be made to think, well this looks like a fun, interesting site, im going to join up here and ask a few questions, this overclocking hobby sounds like a whole lot of fun to get into, from there theres a good chance they choose a team and its forum to join, presto...new member for bot and team
  10. visitor stats are nothing, anyone can look, visit then just go, its visitors that look then join up to be a "member" and stay a member is what counts, if we got .1% of the 250,000 extra visitors this year we'd have and extra 250 members join up , now that would be great i think wouldnt it
  11. its been going for years as it is, everyone was happy with it, its time and how it sits with other comps, whats the big push now for ??, oh let me guess , ahh .......its yosariianilives again , whinghing about something else......again !!!
  12. i think bot has had enough of the " big stirs " and so has everyone else , we need another one like a hole in the head !!!
  13. thats easy to decifer marco, they have little headroom to understand let alone know how to do it
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