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  1. im not trying to be agressive, , if you read between the lines in his posts hes the one thats being agressive, im tired of all the fools that come in, make fun of or put down what we do but use it for their own gain, youre well experienced enough to now exactly what im talking about terra, as far as im concerned hes trolling, to be once a so called ocer then to go gaming , good luck go do it, then come in here to put down ocers, blah blah blah, promoting his go gaming instead of ocing, , he dont need to come here and spread crap if hes as happy as he says he is.........great for the newbies tthinking of getting in to it
  2. yo think i care terra, ? dont care mate his talikin shit about the oc people, i do not care of bullshit people, if you dont like it then bad luck fo you too , theres truth and theres truth ,,right
  3. this guy is so good he plays Resident Evil on a souped up pentium 4 maxed out at 2.4 gig and 512 mhz of ram, with a nvidea GT 120 gpu wringing its arse out at 570 mhz and 1440 mhz and thats his overclocking on em 🤣, and hes gettin 180 FPS , wow what a ripper he is, man the overclocking word -------wants you bad 🤗
  4. when i started i didnt even know what copy and paste meant, i started on the internet in 2011, not long, but ive learnt a damn lot, all from the overclocking people and websites, what to do, what not to do, and from a special friend in the 2nd top team in the world right now, im tired of these bullshit gamer blokes like you coming in here opening their big trap when hes stated hes done and finished with it, well if youre done then get out , but for a so called gamers you, you still like to drop in to BOT and see what happening dont you ???, then flap your big trap how ocing is dead you , and its all in the gamer side of things, where do you think all the hardware comes from originally for ocers , their websites dipshit, ??????? then the likes of ebay and amazon came into the scene and people had other avenues to buy hardware much cheaper than manufacturers, i spose now youre gunna try tell us that you dont buy from ebay or amazon or other parties to buy cheap hard ware for your Gaming ???, youre full of SHIT MATE, if you wanna game mate, go game, dont come in here flapping your gums about how its dead, IT ISNT DEAD, dont even try tell me your gaming system isnt overclocked to get better FPS out of it for better game performance, you learnt that thru overclocking and overclocking people and websites on "HOW TO''" , youre a hypocrite, overclocking is dead but you use it on your own system to game better 🤣...as we saying here in australia mate ....youre full of bullshit...now piss off !!!!!! and i checked your efforts too, you werent too hot in the overclocking scene either, no wonder you went to gaming instead, learnt how to over clock (somewhat) ocd your gaming rig , a (little) then left...too hard for me
  5. good riddance and get back to it -------1 of the many greats 🤣
  6. pm websmile, he might have some ddr3 for sale, ive bought off him a few times now , 7 cas ,and always does what he says or better, another option is to look for triple sets on fleabay. bought a few good sets off there to, pretty cheap and turned out to be PSCs, triple sets are usually for the x58 chipsets, but you can get the 3 and have 1 for a spare if 1 dies , but for quality ram tried and tested , michael is the the man to talk to that lets his good ram go when hes done with testing gday michael
  7. nice bully, might be at its limit with those volts , maybe try another board, nice ram too
  8. get back to your gaming then mate , pretty simple 🤣
  9. theres issues with quite a few things, as well as not getting the link for result decisions to view on bot like it was before, simple and easy, now you have to chase names and teams , its stupid
  10. he always pushes and takes, hes got more moves than a kid in a lollie shop that keeps annoying the shit out of his mum , i want this i want that, here have this then, no i dont want that, i want the other one 🤣
  11. and whats more tasos ill post where i want to, i dont need to go to splaves or anyone elses thread to make something worthwhile be heard or happen ok , 👍
  12. well i thought it was very useful, i did mention it some time ago in a result decision post, it was answered and think i was told its being looked at, must be super low priority
  13. what the hell is going on ??? , results used to be with a bot link to their results to their page , now you have to chase around , do their name, find their team etc etc etc, what a load of crap,.....total garbage !!!!! surely this can be fixed easily alby, yes or no ? thx ozz
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