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  1. ive said for years now a " proper rules page " should be implemented for the comp, or any other comp, before the comp starts so all knows what is allowed and isnt , but seems it falls on deaf ears, now all these subs have to be gone through and most probable some will be deleted, seems to me for both parties, mods and the benchers just a pure waste of time...sigh !!!!
  2. nice man, id say theres more in it tho, theyre great clockers, a mix of fx and apu architecture from what i read long ago, pity amd hasnt gone of with them to produce good clocking with the "computing" capability areas that were lacking http://valid.x86.fr/nq399b
  3. something to try but try at your own risk, ( just a suggestion, seems youve nothing to lose) i had a dead ram slot in an intel p45 dfi board, all the pins seemed good in the socket, (sprayed them too) then blew out with air gently, i used 1200 wet and dry paper in the ram slots back and forth lightly, a snug fit in the slot, not too tight, sprayed with electrical spray contact cleaner and blew it out with air, sprayed again and blew out again, the slot came to life, not saying for 1 min this will work, but it worked for me, then i killed the board the next week 🤣
  4. are you able to get into it easily ? so as to reset cmos etc, if theres a boot failure, change gpu, cpu, ram etc looks to me the toplate on the pot fits on top of the lid of the case, is that right ?
  5. fixing condensation = stopping ambient air getting in , its that simple on an open system anyway
  6. in my opinion yes by far but aleslammer is right, the bios in dfi boards are hard to get used to but once you work out thier quirks and know how they work theyre a dream of a board scotty is also right, the NB runs warm normally and has to be cooled or it will fail also , if you do decide on a DFI board, make sure the cmos battery has no less than 3.0 v, dfi boards are notorious for the bios settings playing up if the cmos battery voltage is down, it starts if the battery v is around the 2.8v mark, settings not saved properly and all sorts of issues arising i have an asus AN8-SLI-PREMIUM board here too, bios less complicated than the dfi but imo ill stick with the dfi
  7. i have a couple of DFI ultra D boards here , but i beleive they have mosfet issues, power up but no boot, were damn good boards too, the only equivalent to them is the dfi venus and expert, i also have a venus, difference being the ram slots are located at the rear of the cpu socket towards the back plane, ultra d boards have the ram to the right of the cpu socket
  8. what ever you use , the way to beat condensation is remove ambient air temp to the whatever is being used, same as sealing a socket , motherboard , pot or whatever
  9. i cant beleive this, here we have mat and others trying to and indeed endeavouring to make BOT a safer and better place to bench in with calculated changes for the better for ALL and we then have the other that come up with all the excuses under the sun as to the negativities of it all with no basis or facts of their ridiculous baseless statements do you people walk around in life all day with your heads up your arses , or were you just born that way ??
  10. 🤣 i expected a reaction like that from you, not the genius you think you are
  11. well its simple genius ......get out of it and spend your money elsewhere
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