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  1. ozzie

    Cheapaz Chips 2019 Planning Thread

    what memory in the 5450 will be allowed please or is a free for all??
  2. why sell em then if theyre that good?? 🤣
  3. ozzie

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    i dont care what league your in, theres been cheats in all of the leagues and teams , thats a given .........comes down to the person and how honest you are in yourself, what sort of conscious you have ,no matter what league , but youll catch yourself out well b4 admin does, most likely, and i hope you "cheats" blow something up in the process...and thats worth a lot of money too 🤞😀
  4. ozzie

    Notable retired overclockers

    Kotori ...Japan, great bloke, excellent bencher, cant say if hes benching anymore, havent seen him do anything in a long while
  5. ozzie

    [FS] Cheap B-Die

    i know, i didnt start it, i just replied, as you and gunslinger did, if youre having problems then start a help thread about it !!!!
  6. ozzie

    [FS] Cheap B-Die

    look, read the name ...AutisticChris i had a go too some months ago then i realised, when people are austistic, they can either do it quickly or it doesnt compute and depends on the disability severity ... give him a go and help him, least hes got the balls to have a go with a disabilty, like that , more than i can say for a lot here and other places , did you ever stop and think hes busting his ass to try get things right ??, wheres your heart ???
  7. ozzie

    [FS] Cheap B-Die

    reset the cmos, allow it to boot back into the os , set what you want on and off in the bios, if it does then increase your cpu mhz by multiplier , in turn that will increase ram speeds, when it doesnt boot , then drop your ram speed to then next lower mhz of the ram , then go back to the ram speed, when you get as high as you can go on both cpu and memory you will may have to increase the voltages on both, try to do it with as low voltage as possible, it is a good simple way to test both cpu and memory to give you an idea of what they are capable of doing basically at stock settings, then you can start tweaking the both as you have a guideline on what they can and will do, save it in your bios profile settings so you can boot straight back into those settings then you can go from there
  8. lets not forget, all the big boys competed in comps to gain points which allowed the sponsors to recruit them, they watched the points and comps, saw who the winners were from it, which in turn has made BOT, a lot of other competitors from all over the world , points is all you, they get for all the time , effort, money for a comp and for points if you abolish points for comps..... make sure you have BOTS coffin made and ready .....oh and would be nice to know if it will be a burial or cremated.........some people have religious beliefs about that stuff 😁
  9. rules are there, pretty easy to follow..........if all else fails......read the rules first, ........no matter what comp you want to go in
  10. yeah i thought as much , case closed then..... hey fat boy , if this is your family dipshit, ....get a new one 🖕🤞🤣
  11. hey zero, go down to the "zip" town area , get a couple more of those ear things , be "the complete idiot"...look at me , instead of just half way, have you got nothing better to do in your life than to be a complete cockhead out of yourself ....all the time ??
  12. this is just common sense
  13. ozzie

    is hwbot.org down?

    jesus christ, it needs time to be implemented and checked, give em a bloody chance to get it done stop whinging and let them do it for christs sake, as if its gunna kill yas if bot is down for a couple of days or a week to get it done , who cares, whilst its getting done, stop bein such damn woosies like its your life that depends on it !!!!
  14. ozzie

    OSiBS season 4 design thread

    i watched this unfold in the OSIBS comp, tasos asked you for specific things griff, you failed to provide that i feel, youre a fantastic modder , no one can doubt that, im not either, but i feel your antics with your cpus for this OSIBS comp is not right, if you had no issues and all was right with it , you wouldve provided it freely to anyone that queried it, but no..... you carried on with tasos for how long, excuse after excuse of whatever, no one has damaged you but yourself mate 🙂
  15. not a bad line eh 🤞..........now get over it, ......... and move on mate