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Unigine Superposition GPU Benchmark Competition (1080P Extreme)


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File name: Unigine_Superposition-1.1.exe
File size: 1.2 GB

Download Link:
Unigine Superposition (1.1) Download

This benchmark should be configured like this, as listed below, so make adjustments accordingly. You will need to change the preset to 1080p Extreme.


You can snip and post your results here, I will start a leaderboard if we get enough interest. Like this:


Post a CPU z pick of your current OC / CPU configuration...


Include GPU-z Snip of your video card specs


Basic ground rules:
Download, run, and publish your results! Post your system specs as well, if you wish....

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1 hour ago, AKM said:

Can’t we just look at scores on the site? 1080p Xtreme and 8K are both on the site already?

Unless something is going way over my head on this post ?

It's an in house forum competition, I will update the title, perhaps that threw you off. Sure, you can get lost in a sea of results on their website if you want, but I'd prefer to gear it toward the community here so we can get some vital statistics on local results, plus the added element of competition is always fun. 

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