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  1. AKM

    [WTB] M11 Apex

    Hello all, looking for a working good condition M11 Apex shipped to US. Insulation of any sort is no worries, as long as board is functioning good. Please lmk! Thank you! 😁
  2. Awesome news! I have been aware of HWBot and the community for quite some time, but in terms of actually benching and submitting scores I am a newcomer. I know the overall view of XOC has been declining lately, but for me personally it has been nothing but fun and rewarding to really get into XOC since the ending of last year some time. This news is great that the site will continue to exist and even improve in small ways. I would be in for Patreon and supporting in any way. Thank you Roman and Eike and all the other mods and staff who up keep the site now! 😄🤙
  3. Hey guys I have a HOF 1080 Ti that is giving me problems. System boots but throws post code as having no display, tried all display outs and all have same problem. Boot up with another GPU and the HOF can't be detected in BIOS or connected up in SLI. Looking at status LEDS on the card it looks like 3v might be out? As well as another but can't really tell honestly. Is there any hope for this card?
  4. Found one, can close. Thanks HWBOT
  5. Hey guys looking for a HOF/OC Lab 1080 Ti if anyone is looking to part ways with one... or two lol. Shipping to US, Hawaii specifically. No customs fees here iirc. Thanks in advance!
  6. AH! This is exactly what I needed lol. Was in the thread to make XP work on M11 and got X299 DARK solution as well! Thank you everyone for the knowledge!
  7. You submitted a R20 score for R15.. I was about to say this is amazing haha. Re sub in R20!
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