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  1. What bios are you using? Might be the problem. I haven't tried on latest official, but my XP and Win 7 images are working for me on 0070 iirc Safedisk said Win 7 will not work on latest official, might be the same for XP
  2. Nice one, looking good bro. Gear 1 better for this bench?
  3. Hey, tried this BIOS earlier today and would not flash with flashback or utility in BIOS. Says it is not a BIOS file.. Downloaded from original post as well. 0062 did work, but did not work with Win 7 as well.
  4. Wondering if any one can offer some help with getting a Win 7 image going on this board. I've tried old known good image that worked on Z490 but that doesn't work on this board. Tried replacing acpi.sys in Sys32 folder with files in first post but that doesn't seem to work either. Tried using NTLite to put new acpi as well onto new boot image but that was a no go as well. I am out of ideas honestly
  5. @Rauf Thanks for the insight! Was bugging me trying to figure out if my effi was just way off or if there was something else. Didn’t even realize there was such a huge difference between versions.
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