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[FS/FT-US] Exceptional B-Die and Strong 8700K


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All prices here include PayPal fees and shipping within the US!

Links to screenshots embedded within the post.

1. F4-4133C17D-16GTZR

This is the superb set from Websmile, "kit 17". I have tested it for 4800c14 1.87v and 4933c14 1.95v, likes 0.95vtt. Very reliable bench set, also very strong for daily according to him. Lowest voltage for 4800 and 4933 I've ever seen. I personally think this has strong potential for Geekbench cold.


2. F4-4000C15D-16GVK

Not pretested, lucky roll. I have tested it for 4800mhz 14-13 1t 2.0v. This set has a couple interesting properties of its own. I have also found that this set is very temperature sensitive. Also, it will naturally run RTLs one tighter than normal (4800c14 2t works with 58/59/8/8 vs 59/60/8/8 all my other sets) and property translates to daily as well. The only other people who I've seen so far that have B-Die with this property are Miller and Loud, though more may exist. I personally think it has potential for SuperPi cold.


3. Strong 8700K

Delidded with LM, bought from a guy in Thailand, a while ago. Original owner quick tested 54 core 48? cache passing R20 with 1.32v load on strong water. I've tested 54 core 52 cache passing GB3 at 1.35v load, although I was on a Z390 Dark and just a Scythe Fuma 2 with cheapo paste. IMC is very solid, 4800c14 needed 1.45io/1.5sa, 4933c14 could cold boot and work with headroom. I would not be surprised if this chip did >6.8 R15.



1. $450 $435 $425 $415 sold to @ironbrillopad for $385USD

2. $300 $285 $275 $265USD

3. PM Me, looking to find a Vermeer processor for benching. Will also sell but prefer trade.

If you have any offers/trade requests, feel free to PM me :)

I am able to ship outside the US if needed.

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