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primary plane current limit 1155

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Can someone please explain this setting to me I cant make sense of it. Mobo is p867 Le pretty sure it is what is making my cpu downclock during benches though...........

So far max clock that will pass vantage is 5.05

max clock that will pas without downclocking is 4.7 have passed without downclocking at higher speeds but its really hit or miss.

Anyone know the default setting my board does not let me see. How does this setting work with ppl overvolt??


Could be lowend board vrm but still would like to know.


Vcore @ 5.05 is 1.5 - 1.54 more does not help less freezes

Temps @ load usually around 72 never over 76 yet


thanks if you need more info let me know.

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after more tweaking still cant figure out the value to be stable. Tried .125 and It booted up and forced the chip to use one core. Anything over wont boot up at all and I dont want to try anything over 2.0 not knowing more. But I think I am just dropping turbo like the p6 boards did. Im guessing as soon as I hit 255 watts it drops turbo.



If any mods catch this please move to sandybridge section im a dumb dumb and missed it when I posted.

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